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Game Sound FX Collection Overview Video

The sfx collection gives you 2000 high quality sound effects. They are grouped into 30 different category folders which will give you a huge broad range to select from. The files are supplied as high quality stereo 44.1kHz 16bit WAV audio files as well as OGG compressed audio format for your convenience if you need it. You can easily convert the WAV audio files to any other audio format you may need.

All sound fx are grouped into 30 different audio category folders. Running all the 2000 sound effects back to back is over 35 minutes in length! Below is a video of a partial selection of some of the sound you'll get in each category. It will hopefully give you an idea of the huge wide range of sound FX you'll be able to start using in your games projects.

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New Game Sound Effects Website Launched

Welcome to the new GameBurp website just launched, fresh for 2015 with over a year and a half development time. There's a great new product for game and app developers with a collection of 2000 specially designed sound effects for use in games and apps. Hope to expand with lots more useful game developer tools and resources over the coming year.

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