GameBurp Sound Effects FAQ

Product Questions

What is the GameBurp '2000 Game Sound FX Collection'?

The 2000 Sound FX Collection is a high quality sound effects library collection specifically designed for use in games and apps, so if you’re an indie game or app developer this is exactly for you! In the collection you'll get 2000 sound effects files organised into 30 wide ranging category folders. They cover a huge range of game and app types, anything from - puzzle, word, kids, educational, arcade, retro, action, adventure, platformers, shoot-em-ups, and so on. A huge diverse range for any game genre. They are also great for use in other mediums like videos, animations, film, motion graphics, podcasts and radio.

How were the sounds developed and made?

All sound effects are made from 100% originally recorded sounds and raw wave forms. A massive amount of sound sources were recorded over the last year and a half on a series of various condenser and field recording microphones. These recordings then go through a process of audio clean up and isolating. Thousands of raw sounds are then layered together, time/pitch manipulated and processed to create a massive array of sounds. These are then categorised, named, and mastered. Several hundred hours have been invested in the creation, processing, designing and development of this sound effects collection, saving you a massive amount of time and effort you can reinvest into other aspects of your development.

What audio file format do the sounds come in?

All sound effects file are supplied to you in high quality stereo WAV 44.1kHz, 16-bit files. You also get the same files in OGG compressed audio format for your convenience should you need them. Any other audio file format can be easily made from the high quality uncompressed WAV files giving you full flexibility.

Licensing & Usage Questions

What does purchasing a royalty-free license actually mean?

There is no extra royalty payments for use of the sounds, so if your game or app gets bought or downloaded 1000 times or 1 million times there is no extra 'royalty’ payments or fees needed. When you purchase a Sound Effects royalty-free license you are then fully licensed to use the sound effects under the terms of the license agreement. You can use the sound effects under the terms of the license in your projects as many times as you desire, for as long as you desire, in as many productions as you desire, as long as the sound effects are ‘synchronized’ in your game/app/video productions.

What does the license Allow me to do?

Basically you can use the Sound Effects in any of your own projects for as long as you like, as long as the sound effects are ‘synchronized’ with other elements and not redistributed on their own or part of other sound collections or templates. The full license terms can be view here -

What does the license Disallow me from doing?

Basically you can not redistribute the sound effects on their own or include them in other sample packs, templates, or online stores, they must be integrated into a game, app, or video. The full license terms can be view here -

Can I use GameBurp Sound Effects that I purchased in commercial projects?

Yes absolutely, you can use them when integrated in games or apps that you sell and make money from. The sound effects can be used in both commercial and noncommercial projects as long as you don’t redistribute, or resell, the sound effects themselves.

I make apps, utilities, software not actual games, can I still use the sound effects?

Yes absolutely, the sound effects collection works perfectly for apps as well as games. You can also use them in videos, animations, film, motion graphics, podcasts and radio.

Do I need to give GameBurp a credit or attribution if I use the sound effects?

You are not required to give GameBurp credit, it's completely optional, but it’s much appreciated if you do! You could use for example: Sound Effects by

Purchase Questions

What happens after I make my order, how do I get my files?

As soon as your transaction has been processed you are immediately transferred to your download page with a link you can click to start your download immediately. An email with the download link is also sent to the email address you provided during purchase. If you don't receive download instructions by email please check your “Junk” or “Spam” folder - it may have accidentally landed there. The product is supplied to you as an easy to access digital download only, no physical product is shipped so you'll have no waiting time.

What size and format is the download file, how long does it take?

The download file is supplied as a single zip file of 366mb (megabytes). This can be easily unzipped with any unzip software (most PC's and Mac computers have this built in). When unpacked it will contain all the 2000 sound effects in folder categories, in both WAV and OGG audio formats, along with your PDF guide and license. Download time will depend on your internet speed but should not take very long.

What payment methods are accepted?

Payment can be made using either paypal, or with a credit card like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Laser.

Is the payment secure?

Yes, uses FastSpring e-commerce online merchant for all secure payment transactions and processing. FastSpring is one of the top leading payment e-commerce platforms.

For answers about Sound Effects License Terms look at - License Agreement