About GameBurp Sound FX Collection

The '2000 Game Sound FX Collection' has been a long term project which was developed over the last year and a half to create and design an extensive, highly useful, and professional range of sound effects designed specifically for the needs of indie game and app developers.

As a life long gamer myself I grew up through the arcades of the 1980's, along with the early home computers, Spectrums and Commodores, the early consoles, Sega and Nintendo systems, through to the later PC's and console machines. Sound has always played a big and important part in forming these great gaming memories. I am currently working on a number of game development projects.

With the creation of the '2000 Game Sound FX Collection' most of the sounds are created from multi layering and mixing many sounds together, some with well over 10 different layers. All types of sound manipulation was utilised from time stretching, pitch shifting, layering, compressing, EQing, effects processing, warping, along with a huge amount of experimentation, testing, and good old trail and error. It's a form of sculpture but with air pressure waves. It can be fascinating how a sound can become a character, evoke nostalgia, memories, create emotional responses, be it humor, fear, surprise, a simple smile, and bring life to these microcosmic worlds we create which we call games. This collection of sounds is an expression of this and I hope you find great use in it.

Below is an overview diagram of the processes involved in making this collection of sound effects.

Game Sound Effects Development